Tech Isn’t Everything – Teachers Are!

“Technology has exceeded our humanity” (Photo credit: Toban B.)

As a lover of all things tech, I sometimes forget that everyone doesn’t feel the same way that I do about it. In fact, there are many teachers who become uneasy and even anxious when technology in education is discussed. My father, a professor at a local university, is one of those educators. He recently retired after 39 years of dedicated service. This past summer, he had been informed by the administration that all members of his department had to use a SmartBoard in their classrooms beginning with the fall 2012 semester. My father and the other faculty members were given one day of training and told they had to include the SmartBoard in all upcoming lectures.


This edict caused a tremendous amount of stress among the faculty members at my father’s university. Many of them felt that they were being rushed into using a tool they were unfamiliar with. My father and his colleagues believed the university administration had not thought the whole process through carefully enough. This anecdote illustrates the fact that many school leaders are rushing to implement the latest technological advances without taking the time to familiarize all teachers with the applications. I believe this is a huge mistake since teachers, not technology, are the chief purveyors of knowledge in the classroom.

I’ve been in the classroom for 24 years now and I’ve seen a lot of educational fads come and go (and come back again with new names). Over the years I’ve been in education, there has always been one constant and that is the teachers.


Teachers have always been and are always going to be the driving force in education.

Teachers are on the front-lines with their sleeves rolled up, working closely with their students.

Teachers have the power to motivate, inspire and instill a love of learning onto their students.

In the school community, teachers have a direct influence on the children. No one else has more power to engage students in order to ignite learning.

Tech can assist in this, but it CANNOT do it alone. Teachers are the driving force behind these technological advances. They are the ones activating the apps, depressing the keys on their laptops and logging in.

And as the technology revolution in education expands and grows, we must never forget this!


This is the main reason why I have started my education technology  – to help teachers to become familiar with the staggering amount of new technological applications and programs available for the classroom and to guide them as they begin to apply them on a daily basis in their classrooms. I’m especially concerned with veteran teachers who may be techno-phobic in some ways. I want them to know that they are not alone in their fears. Many teachers feel the same way as they do and my goal is to guide them through the myriad of technological advances in education in order to allow them to adapt in a friendly, non-threatening workshop environment. The education-technology revolution is upon us and I am very excited about the wide range of possibilities for veteran and new teachers alike.

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6 Responses to Tech Isn’t Everything – Teachers Are!

  1. Richard Seal says:

    Good stuff and I shall quote Sugata Mitra “Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer, should be.”


  2. Katie Frank says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Educational technology empowers teachers and students to look at all information in new ways, creating new ideas and products.


  3. Justin Staub says:

    Nice work. I fully agree that good teaching is only enhanced by technology. Technology is not the cure-all to good teaching. A teacher can be wildly effective without technology, but… in a digitally connected world, it is very harder than ever to deny the importance of technology in education. I like your thoughts here. Good job!


  4. I totally agree that technology can only enhance teaching and learning. One thing I am not sure I agree with is the statement: “Teachers have always been and are always going to be the driving force in education.” Aren’t students the driving force? I know teacher have their part but aren’t we always for the best interest of students rather than teachers? Technology cannot ever replace the teacher. The teacher is the only true way to form a relationship and engage students in the curriculum.

    Nice post!


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