My Mother, Dorita



Sensitive and caring

Religious, not dogmatic

The most open-minded Catholic I knew.


Vibrant, full of life

The talk of the party.

Laughing, telling stories, “sharing”

Irish dancing or Macarena-ing.


Super Swimmer!

A “Sound Bully”

Encouraging…forcing everyone to go in.

Cheekie! Cheekie! Cheekie!


A real “Doer”

Fire Island with the Courtneys – body surfing in the ocean

Camping with the Davises – Split Rock Falls

Giving us countless experience.


Neighborhood baseball game organizer and catechism teacher

“Old school” coach/teacher who didn’t put up with any crap.

Firm, but fair

Encouraging those who needed it, like me.



Taking charge,

Writing lists and organizing

Dorita’s in the zone!


A natural-born counselor,

Ready to listen when I needed advice…when we all needed it.

Someone I…we could tell anything to

Who helped solve our problems.



Who made a difference

In my life,

In all our lives.


Looking down from heaven now

My guardian angel,

Still listening, helping, caring.

I love you, Mom.


About Lee Araoz

K-12 Technology Coordinator, instructional coach, staff developer, speaker and author. Innovative teacher and perpetual learner. Igniting an enthusiasm for lifelong learning!
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One Response to My Mother, Dorita

  1. Tom Magnan says:

    Well done Lee!


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