David Greene: The Sound of Silence

Lee Araoz:

Important read.

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:

David Greene, experienced teacher and mentor, was out of the country for afew weeks. When he returned, he was excited to hear echoes of our struggle against high-stakes testing, privatization, the theft of public schools, and data piracy in the mainstream news. Is the silence over? Are we on the cusp of the change we have all been hoping for?

An informed public will not permit a corporate takeover of its schools. An informed public will not give away personal information about their children to data mining.

David Greene writes:


I’ve been sitting relatively silently for a few weeks for a couple of reasons. I was out of the country for three weeks. Upon return I began new job. I was growing frustrated with the barking and lack of movement. I have been completing a book soon to be pubished. Other voices were more important to…

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