On Snowstorms and Shoveling – The Lost Art of Purposeful Parenting

For my friends in Buffalo. Stay safe!

Teachers Matter

Last night and early this morning we got our first big snowfall of the year here in New York. When I awoke, there was over six inches of the powdery white stuff blanketing everything.  After it finally stopped snowing, my wife and I got the kids suited up in their snow gear and began the dreaded task of snow removal. Everyone in my family, young and old, worked together to clear what Mother Nature had so generously dropped from the sky overnight. If my kids want to play in the snow, they must help to clear the snow.


This practice has been passed down to me by my parents who, from an early age, instilled in my sister and me a work ethic that sadly seems to have been forgotten by many parents in America today. Helping our parents around the house was mandatory in my day. There was no…

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